Post-natal massage

After your baby is born new mums often forget that their body is still undergoing huge adaptations in posture, circulation and weight to name a few, and since the focus shifted to baby, there is little thought to the needs of your recovering body. Mums still experience muscular aches, tiredness and emotional highs and lows and so it’s essential that you find time for yourself and have a post-natal massage to help in the recovery process.

Post-natal massage is excellent for assisting in relaxation (reducing the release of stress hormones), core control and activation and restoration of posture and alignment from top to toe. Treating muscles and connective tissue will help to reduce incidences of pain and discomfort that is commonly experienced due to posture post birth and the feeding and carrying positions that are adopted. It can also assist in the reduction of abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti) experienced by many women.

James Rake Massage Therapy Harpenden post-natal massage
The miracle of birth and how a post-natal massage can help restore your body


Benefits of Post-natal massage:-

  • Provides deep relaxation – This is extremely important when you are exhausted due to broken sleep from night feeds and gives you time to care for yourself boosting energy levels and reducing feelings of anxiety and stress.
  • Helps promote postnatal recovery – Helping to restore you to a pre-pregnancy state.  Your body may feel alien to you following the birth, so massage can help you re-adjust and return to your non-pregnant state, also reducing your uterus to the normal size.
  • Postnatal depression –Helps you feel good about yourself, reducing stress and tension, which will also help to prevent the postnatal depression and baby blues.
  • Eases aches and pains – Helps to ease back pain and neck pain from carrying the baby and breast or bottle feeding.
  • Circulation – Helps to eliminate excess body fluids and reduces fluid retention.
  • Pelvic Floor – Helps to strengthen the core muscles including the pelvic floor muscles.