James Rake massage Harpenden wax

There are many different types of ‘medium’ which enables the therapist’s hands to move freely and smoothly over the client’s skin including oils, lotions and powder. However, I use Moogwax which gives much greater control during the treatment compared to oil or lotion. Also, these waxes have been blended by therapists and are based on a wonderful combination of beeswax, apricot kernel oil, olive oil and vitamin E which provides the best massage medium with just the right amount of friction for deeper sports and remedial work or gentler, more relaxing massages and it will leave your skin feeling extra soft and nourished.

Which wax to choose?

I have seven different waxes and you can choose which one you would prefer to use.

So Simple

MoogWax So Simple is a plain massage wax containing only Beeswax, Olive Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Vitamin E.  It is a great wax to have in my clinic as it is suitable for all clients.  So Simple has the great balance of grip and smoothness that characterises all of their waxes and so is suitable for sports, remedial or relaxation massage. MoogWax so simple doesn’t contain infused arnica oil so it’s suitable for anyone including pregnant clients.

So Soothing

Combined with natural massage wax, in this blend are soothing lavender and eucalyptus which are well known for their pain relieving properties particularly muscular pain, and rheumatism.

Peppermint and menthol are included for their strong cooling effect which conversely causes a warming reaction by the body and stimulates healing in the muscles. Finally, camphor calms any inflammation and eases pain.

The anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of this essential oil blend also make it a great way of protecting you from any bugs or viruses doing the rounds. Decongestants cleanse the air around you like getting a good lungful of fresh air on a bracing walk through the countryside. A great all-rounder of a wax – ladies and gents will love this one alike as it’s not too girly.

Muscle Recovery

For all those active sporty people who have been out and about overdoing it!  This wax is the aromatherapy equivalent of compression socks (but without the fetching look!). The key ingredients here are cypress, lime and grapefruit all of which boost circulation and help to banish built up lactic acid.  Added to this is eucalyptus and sweet marjoram which soothe tired and aching muscles.  Also added is infused arnica oil for it’s ability to soothe muscle pain and reduce inflammation.  This is a great post-event wax to have in the tool kit.  A great Monday morning booster too!

So Fresh

This is an amazing blend of wax and essential oils designed to help get rid of all those nasty built up toxins in the body. A zingy combination of lemon and grapefruit is balanced with stimulating juniper and rosemary and the warming undertones of fennel, ginger and black pepper. This blend is like having a really refreshing shower and then wrapping yourself in an expensive, freshly laundered towel that’s been gently warming on the radiator.

This blend is brilliant for stimulating the immune system and improving sluggish digestion. It’s also a great blend for getting rid of fluid retention, treating cellulite and improving skin tone. It can be used for treating inflammatory conditions which affect joints such as arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis too. Helps to get rid of those unwanted waste products in the body, clears the mind.

So Invigorating

The key ingredient in this blend is orange oil which seems to retain all those little rays of sunshine which ripened the fruits. This is combined with lemon and mandarin which are also uplifting and stimulating and provide a boost to the immune and circulatory systems to get everything moving again. Pine and spearmint are added too for combating the feelings of fatigue, anxiety and stress.

This is such a cheery little blend for clients that need that a bit of a boost. Brilliant for that afternoon lull and will also put a smile on your face as you’re massaging! This can be used  along with a relatively light massage routine for clients with chronic fatigue syndrome / ME and have had great results. It can also be used for clients suffering from depression to give them that little bit of a lift that they often need.


When all is not right with the world, one of the first things we turn to is a good cup of tea. It can almost be said to have magical healing powers. In India, Chai is typically a milky black tea flavoured with an array of warming spices. The result is a tea which gives you a wonderful sense of well being and really warms the cockles of your heart.  They have added these warming Chai spices to their fabulous MoogWax and come up with what they think is one of their nicest blends yet.  Actually, it just makes you feel so lovely and cosy like sitting by a toasty fire in your favourite jammies on a cold winters evening.

In this blend are cinnamon, clove, ginger and black pepper, all known for their warming properties and their ability to soothe away muscle aches and joint pains and reduce fatigue.  Cinnamon and clove are also well known for protecting you from all those nasty seasonal diseases that do the rounds in Winter.  Clove oil is even said to protect you from the plague.  To this warming blend they have also added bitter orange to sweeten the scent and bring extra cheeryness.

So Blooming Marvelous

For that really special time, MoogWax so blooming marvellous is a celebration of pregnancy!  Many essential oils and ingredients are contraindicated for use during pregnancy and so they have developed this  gorgeous wax which is safe to use throughout pregnancy. Nourishing olive and apricot kernel oils are mixed with rosehip oil which is wonderfully effective at helping to prevent stretch marks.  To this they have added a hint of mandarin essential oil – the only essential oil considered to be safe to use throughout pregnancy.  Mandarin is also another oil that is great for preventing stretch marks.  Perfect for pregnancy massage and also great for rubbing on pregnant bellies for keeping the skin soft, supple and stretch-mark free!